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The all-in-one golf training aid, designed by golf professionals, for golf professionals.


Feel the swing.

  • Develops a systematic approach to mastering the fundamentals of the golf swing
  • Slow motion training from position to position throughout the swing
  • Creates a repeatable golf swing
  • Student will instantly feel what the instructor is trying to communicate
  • Takes words and changes them into feel
  • Resistance of trak will encourage the student to engage the proper muscle groups to accelerate swing speed
  • Provides unparalleled bio-feedback
  • Creates a fluid powerful golf swing
  • Trains students on how to deliver the club to the ball
  • Eliminates early release
  • Can be used to teach every shot
  • Creates a physical and visual demonstration of a sound golf swing
  • Students accelerate their understanding of the fundamentals
  • Facilitates a strong weigh shift, keeps the body centered while making complete turns back and through the ball, staying in balance
  • Resistance of the forward swing plate will eliminate lead arm breakdown at impact
  • Promotes a straight path and a square club face through the hitting zone
  • The student will feel connected throughout the swing
  • Will train muscle memory
  • Creates a good tempo
  • Easy as hitting one ball after another
  • Always ready for the next swing
  • Engrains the proper fundamentals
  • Creates a perfect practice environment
  • Can be used as an independent teaching station


The Swing Trak is a great training aid. Every golf pro knows the key to consistent accuracy is a straight swing path and a square club face going through the hitting zone. The Swing Trak trains that perfectly. Also, we know that repetition is the mother of mastery, and the Swing Trak creates variable resistance so you can improve and increase your ability to keep that club square going through the hitting zone to hit consistently straight and powerful shots.

- Gary Pinns, PGA, 2014 IPGA Teacher of the Year, 5-time Illinois Open Champion, 3-year PGA Tour member


Finally, an educational golf device that is a physical and visual demonstration of the correct takeaway thru ball contact to build a sound, fundamental, and repeatable golf swing for all clubs.
— Scott Barla, PGA


I don’t know of another training aid that forces the body to be in the correct positions, both on the takeaway and post-impact. The Swing Trak does this by providing resistance in both directions.
— Ken McCormick, PGA


I have found the Swing Trak revolutionized my golf swing. This is for any level of golfer who wants to have long-lasting improvement in their game. Try the Swing Trak and you will become a true believer.
— Sue Shrader, USTA Tennis Professional


The Swing Trak is for anyone who needs to feel what a proper swing feels like. It’s good for players of all levels, novice to scratch. If I would have had this training aid 10 years ago, it would have accelerated my progress by years. If you want to learn what impact feels like, you need to try Swing Trak.
— Ed Mular, Amateur Golfer, Scratch Player